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TDIS radiographic partner ShieldLyte is owned and operated by Co-owner Michael-David Lyles. Michael took it upon himself to evaluate what was keeping doctors from incorporating digital imaging into their practices. What he found was that it wasn’t about the monthly equipment cost but rather the unknown large sum of money required to shield and legally permit the clinic. It was then that he decided to open a shielding company and start prefabricating panels that can be financed in with the equipment to eliminate that worry. With that, he created a package in which covers all the needed items such the physicist design, State and FDA submission and all associated shipping costs.

Now more than ever, private practice practice doctors of all kinds are jumping on board with the idea that even if they are forced to relocate for any reason, these ShieldLyte systems are easily removed and transferred to the new location furthermore eliminating not just the initial cost worries, but the ongoing as well.

At the present time, TDIS only sells these systems to new or existing imaging customers because of nearly nonexistent margins associated with them. From the words of Michael himself “ I didn’t create this for more profit, I’m not in manufacturing. I created this to make adding digital imaging to any size practice affordable and to make working with about any size space possible. Many small clinics dont think they have room. They should call me, I’ll find a closet and make it work.” See our gallery for photos of just how great ShieldLyte Panels look.

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