TDIS radiographic protection partner is owned by co-owner and national sales manager Michael-David Lyles. Michael took it upon himself to simplify the costs of shielding for clinics looking to bring in x-ray from scratch. Many doctors think it costs much more than it does to purchase shielding and this is correct, until now. is an online only store with discounted shielding, glass and prefabbed operator barriers. As a courtesy also allows its customers an additional 10% off shielding if purchased within 30 days of purchasing their  equipment from TRU-Digital. But wait.. that’s not all. TDIS in addition allows its customers to use our physicists at our dealer rate paid direct to the physicist as well as guides your electrician and contractor through the simplest cost effective method of getting you setup and operating legally within your states laws. For residents of Georgia, we even provide room prep at handyman prices.

From time to time TDIS takes in a system on consignment from a new customer that upgraded with them. We don’t warranty nor install these in most cases but to help our customers get back some money we list them so they get some exposure on the web. If any pre-owned systems are available, you’ll see them below. Simply use the contact form to inquire.

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