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Dr. Mathiak, Mathiak Chiropractic: "Thank you Mike and Chris for all your support for the GCA and bringing me into this century! TRU-Digital has been committed to making sure my little clinic is achieving excellence in digital X-ray. In today’s patient needs you have excelled. Thank you!"

Samantha Jones, Project Manager


Dr. Reiman, Brown Chiropractic and Wellness: "Best Investment ever! Our office runs smoother with no more chemicals, no more maintenance, far better image quality and happier patients. Not to mention gaining our space back from the old processor. Mike made the whole transaction smooth and very affordable. Thanks again TRU-Digital."


Dr. Webster, Roswell Health and Injury Center: "Mike, I have totally enjoyed my new DR Digital X-ray Unit! No processor, no service calls, no chemicals, no dark room challenges. I can see the x-ray image 5 seconds after I take it. I can manipulate the settings for image enhancement, and NO retakes! Thanks!"


Dr. Kinney, OneSource Healthcare: "I had several colleagues recommend Mike Lyles and TruDigital.  That recommendation was a huge favor.  We bought two machines for our Albany and Bainbridge offices.  Great value, amazing image quality,  good service.  I was concerned that they would not be able to accommodate our needs here in S Georgia, but we have actually had faster service than we received from suppliers located much closer.  If you don’t have digital x-ray you don’t know what you are missing...literally. The image quality and the ability to manipulate the image allows exponentially better bone and soft tissue detail and far better diagnostic capability.  Plus it makes your life so much better!  No retakes, no dark room, no film, no chemicals!"


Dr. Alderman, OneSource Healthcare: "Making an X-ray system purchase can be overwhelming.  There are so many options with all kinds of bells and whistles.  Our office was in need of not one unit but two.  We met with several vendors on multiple occasions just to understand x-ray lingo in order to make the best informed decision.  Working with Mike was one of the best decisions we made.  Not only was he extremely knowledgeable in helping us find the best system for our offices, He was available throughout the entire process from financing to installation.  For any future X-ray needs Mike’s our guy. "


Dr. Hayden, Iris City Chiropractic P.C.: "This system has given me superior diagnostic quality imaging.  Manipulating contrast or even reversing it has made things appear that would never have been visible with conventional X-Ray.  I will say that I have only seen three congenitally-fused atlases since I have been in practice – two have come in the last three weeks.  I am thinking the images are just that much better.  Things do not get missed.  Also, I can see broken ribs with magnification and reversal of contrast that would have certainly been missed on film.  This is really getting fun. I am feeling better all the time about getting talked into conversion!" 

Dr. Divagno, Trinity Pain Relief Center: "I installed digital x-ray through Mike and his staff last fall and have been completely thrilled with the product, price and service after the sale. No repairs just learning curve. Thanks!"


Dr. Sword, Trinity Pain Relief Center: "I I am very satisfied with the digital X-RAYS. It is so convenient to have them transferred to the computer in my room. Yesterday I had two patients ask me if I had a chance to read their x-rays. And I said of course let me show them to you right now and give you a report of findings. Not only did it make the patient happy, but I didn't have to leave the room to go look for their x-rays. It saved mine and my patients time. Also it is so easy to magnify the area of complaint and measure for misalignment's. It took me 2 minutes to measure a patient for a heel lift. No more X-ray pencils, view boxes, chemicals or supplies. Anyone can use this system. Thanks again Mike for the 5 star customer service! "


Dr. Powell, North Fulton Chiropractic Center: "II had the pleasure of meeting Mike during my search to upgrade my Xray equipment. At the time I was using a CR unit but my images were continuing to get worse. After meeting Mike, he went over all of my wants and concerns in great detail and we decided to transition to a DR unit. This was the best practice decision I have made in 10 years! Mike and his crew came in on time and professionally installed and went over every detail of the software. As questions arose with use, Mr. Lyles always answered his phone and patiently explained the resolution. The images taken with this unit are phenomenal. For the first time in years I have images I am not embarrassed to send out, as their quality is unmatched.  I have even been told by a medical facility I work with that our images are the best they have ever seen coming from a Chiropractic clinic(this fact alone generated many referrals from this group)! Thank you so much Mr. Lyles for providing top notch service and products.  I highly recommend TRU-Digital to anyone looking to upgrade or take their practice."

Dr. Michael Cartales, ActiveLife Family Chiropractic: "Tru-Digital has been absolutely amazing from the start.  I was on the verge of buying a new DR Imaging system by a different vendor who was telling me I HAD to also purchase a new x-ray generator because mine was “too old” (1980s).  The other vendor was trying to sell me a generator costing additional $15,000-$20,000.
I responded to some LinkedIn marking from Tru-Digital (Amy V), and within 1 day I was made fully aware (by Mike at Tru-Digital) that I did not need a new x-ray system, and that the DR technology I was about to purchase was not the latest state-of-the-art Cesium receiving plate, in addition to several other expensive inefficiencies.  
I went with Tru-Digital, had it installed last week, and Oh what an amazing system, and they saved me about $20,000 (no exaggeration).  The images are way better than what I used to have on film, and without a new x-ray generator.  The new system is so easy and efficient.  It allows our staff to be virtually free of any x-ray involvement, freeing up Doctor and staff for more face to face patient care/attention.  Tru-Digital is over the top with accurate information, great pricing, installation and service (install by Chris and Amy was perfect, super clear in set-up and training, and fast process).
If you are considering a DR system of digital x-ray technology, do yourself a big favor and call Mike, Amy or Chris at Tru-Digital for an estimate and you be the judge…You will be amazed at this company."

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