TRU-Digital Imaging Solutions is the private practice doctor’s “Go-To” vendor for digital x-ray.  We have recreated the device sales model with our non-corporate and low overhead structure.  All too often corporate-structured entities train their sales reps to “upsell” without considering your practice’s budget.  Our well-trained reps evaluate your needs and budget first, ensuring the best possible experience with your upgrade.  We offer unmatched finance terms and the best warranties in the industry.  We guarantee no personal credit reporting.  Even better, we have no up-front costs or ongoing service fees throughout your term.


TRU-Digital is a manufacturer-direct dealer, with quite a few unique relationships in place that benefit you, the doctor.  We are the “Preferred Vendor” for the Georgia Chiropractic Association, and the ACA Chiropractic Sports Council.  Our leading edge software is utilized in Life University, Sherman College of Chiropractic, and Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida.  If you’re a Chiropractor, our system has the tools to cover just about any technique, including upper cervical, and Gonstead full-spine stitching.  Whether you are in Urgent care, a medical facility, veterinarian, podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon, TRU-Digital has the set up you need now at unbeatable prices.  


As TRU professionals in our industry we can guarantee the customer is fully aware of every aspect and item they’ll receive.  We even have a quote comparison sheet that outlines what your current dealer needs to include in your quote in order to accurately represent the product they are providing you.  Many clinics use this powerful information to determine if continuing the relationship they have with their dealer is a financially smart decision or if they should consider moving on.  One thing we pride ourselves on is honesty and transparency.  We would prefer new customers to be as comfortable as we are before proceeding to do business with us.  After all, we aren’t spending thousands on marketing, we are producing happy customers who tell the world. That’s the TRU-Digital way. FILM IS OVER!!

Co-owner / National Sales Manager

Michael-David Lyles has been in sales for 9 years. Upon entering the word of imaging he found himself with a company that didn’t share the same values as himself and felt it could be detrimental to his reputation by representing a name he didn’t believe in. During this time a chiropractor and friend of his inquired on a digital system and he introduced the first chiropractic sale to the previous company and not long after decided he had found something he loved and could wake up to everyday feeling good about. That something was recreating the way private practice clinics are treated throughout the sales process. He felt as if corporate trained sales reps were trained more towards a dollar amount then what these self-employed doctors could afford so he set out on his mission. His first stop was meeting with longtime friend and lawyer Arturo Corso on what the challenges may be when facing these large corporations and how Arturo might be able to help. The two both knew it wasn’t possible with the company Michael was with and so TRU-Digital was formed. TRU meaning only the truth without the (E)xtra nonsense. The first stop was the Georgia Chiropractic Association who right up front, saw the value in what was offered and jumped on board. Since that point Michael drove TRU-Digital to the New Dealer of the Year award as seen in the gallery, just 5 months after partnering with x-ray manufacturer 20/20 Imaging a division of Konica Minolta America, protected private practice doctors from over a half a million dollars in combined overages, formed our partner ShieldLyte.com to help doctors save money on radiographic shielding and even speaks with new graduates on what to avoid after graduation as well as helping pair them with retiring doctors who have turnkey clinics available so the newly graduated doctor has an immediate revenue stream. Michael values hard work, honesty and heart, something he feels like the others have lost.

Co-owner / National Accounts Manager

Arturo Corso is thrilled to be part owner of TDIS with long-time friend and brother Mike Lyles.  It’s been a very gratifying experience to help clients catapult into the digital era of radiography.  But he’s also something of an outlier!  He has been one of the top defense attorneys in Georgia for almost 20 years.  He has another firm that assists younger lawyers in transitioning from the public sector to the private sector.  Last year, he launched a separate international law firm with clients in Mexico and South America.  Finally, he runs a successful real estate investment and management company.  You might say Arturo is running on all cylinders all the time.  His clients love the energy that comes with helping take your practice to the next level.

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